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  • Ahmed, Zakarie
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Nasani, Rami
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Modellering och emulering av en människa- robot samarbetande arbetscell2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Collaborative robots are a key challenge in industrial development. The problem today is that industrial robots are not adapted for close collaboration with humans and security gates are a need. This study focuses on developing an emulation model that can demonstrate such collaboration without the need for security gates. The project is based on the concept (virtual commissioning) which is about using emulation tools to develop a digital twin that is a copy of a physical system. With the help of the model, the system's functions and program code will be tested and validated before a real implementation is performed. On behalf of the University of Skövde, the thesis work was carried out to investigate the possibility of a close collaboration between a person and industrial robot in a virtual environment. In the study, two different methods have been developed to investigate the possibility of a collaboration but also to develop an emulation model. With this, operating lists have been created to clarify the person and the robot work tasks. Process scenarios were then created to demonstrate how such collaboration can take place in a virtual environment. A functioning emulation model in which man and robot collaborate, was delivered to the University of Skövde. By using the emulation model, the university can create and test different solutions before an implementation of a real system takes place. Finally, an emulation method is proposed that can be used to develop a digital twin.

  • Söderström, Eva
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Informatics. University of Skövde, The Informatics Research Centre.
    Holgersson, Jesper
    University of Skövde, School of Informatics. University of Skövde, The Informatics Research Centre.
    Ökat digitalt innanförskap för äldre2018Report (Other (popular science, discussion, etc.))
  • Almer, Johan
    University of Skövde, School of Informatics. University of Skövde, The Informatics Research Centre.
    Att sätta döden ur spel: En analys av Tomas Tranströmers dikt "Medeltida motiv"2018In: Samlaren: tidskrift för svensk litteraturvetenskaplig forskning, ISSN 0348-6133, E-ISSN 2002-3871, Vol. 139, no -, p. 162-177, article id -Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    To knock Death out of the Game. An analysis of Tomas Tranströmer’s poem “Medieval motif ”

    The Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer’s (1931–2015) poem “Medieval Motif ”, from For Living and Dead (1989), takes its visual point of departure in the motif “Man who plays chess with Death about his life”. A motif also found in medieval visual arts (Albertus Pictor, 1440–1509) and in modern film art (Ingmar Bergman, 1918–2007). In both Pictors painting, ”The Game of Chess with Death” (around 1480), and Bergman’s film The Seventh Seal (1957), Death knocks man out of the game by checkmate. In Tranströmer’s poem, however, things turn out somewhat differently. In “Medieval Motif ” there is unique word in Swedish poetry, “frisörsaxklippande” (“barber-scissor-like clipping”), as a determination for a sound. The analysis of the poem tries to answer a number of questions: What is this sound exactly? Why does the sound occur in a poem about a motif from the Middle Ages? What function does the sound have for the poem as an artistic whole? The “Medieval motif ”, which besides the title consists of two Sapphic stanzas, is the subject of an in-depth motif analysis and of a composition analysis. In summary, the analysis shows that the “Medieval motif ” forms an epiphany where the motif of Vanitas contributes to the understanding of the moment of togetherness as time and space cease to exist, and a previously hidden truth is revealed. As a part of that truth, Death is knocked out of the game.

  • Vennapusa, Siva Koti Reddy
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Design of bi-adhesive joint for optimal strength2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 15 credits / 22,5 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    To support the trust in the design development of adhesively bonded joints, it is important to precisely predict their mechanical failure load. A numerical simulation model with a two-dimensional linear elastic cohesive zone model using a combination of a soft and a stiff adhesive is developed to optimize the strength of a lap-joint. Separation under mixed-mode conditions (normal and shear direction) is considered. By varying the length of the adhesives, the fracture load is optimized. The results obtained from the numerical experiments show an improvement in strength.

  • Hallberg, Linda
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Vårdrelaterade urinvägsinfektioner: Incidens före och efter validering av infektionsverktyget2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Introduction: Health care associated infections (HCAIs) have a negative impact on public health, with an impact on mortality, morbidity and quality of life. The most common HCAIs in Sweden are health care associated urinary tract infections (UTI). One important component in preventing HCAIs are regular measurements and feedback to these. Instruments that are currently used for measuring HCAIs at a local and national level in Sweden are marker-based journal review and the Anti-Infection Tool (AIT). Aim:  The aim of this study was to validate the AIT and compare the incidence of health care associated UTI measured with the AIT against both manual journal review and marker-based journal review. The aim was also to study the presence of urinary catheters in conjunction with a healthcare associated UTI. Methods: In 2017, data was collected from 143 records from a random sample of patients admitted to somatic wards at Södra Älvsborg's Hospital. From the AIT, diagnosed health care associated UTI and community-acquired UTI were studied and validated against manual journal review. Also, the incidence of health care associated UTI in the AIT was compared with that found in marker-based journal review. Results: Incidence of health care associated UTI before the validation was 1.5% while the estimated incidence after manual journal review and validation was 3.6%. Marker-based journal review showed an incidence of 1.1%. In 65.6 % of the cases with health care associated UTI, the patient was equipped with urinary catheter. The most common cause of incorrect registration of health care associated UTI was that patients with urinary catheters were assessed as community-acquired UTI.


    Conclusion:  The reported incidence of health care associated UTI differs greatly between these instruments. The incidence is probably much higher than what is currently reported using these instruments. To obtain good quality of monitoring data, knowledge and journal reviews of high quality are required. However, the generalizability of the result of this study is limited, due to the relatively small study sample.

  • Nilsson, Karolina
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Vårdhygien på särskilt boende för äldre ur ett chefsperspektiv: -2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    An important part of preventive work to maintain health is to prevent healthcare-associated infections. Nursing home for the elderly is an arena for health and care. Healthcare-associated infections refer to infections among persons in care as an outcome of an action of care. A central strategy for maintaining health and promoting public health is to prevent infectious diseases in the healthcare facilities. Factors that affect the adherence of staff to the hygiene routines in municipal care are resources, management, personnel and external factors. Aim of the study was to describe what infection control in a nursing home for the elderly meant from a managerial perspective. The method was a qualitative interview study. Seven managers for nursing homes were interviewed with semi-structured questions. The result was analyzed with a qualitative content analysis. Results and main findings in the study showed that managers in nursing home for the elderly were very aware of that work with infection control is of great relevance to minimize and break the spread of infection. They also highlighted needs such as working more centrally and structured with infection control and hygiene issues. Factors such as knowledge, premises, attitude, and finances sometimes fail and could be more elaborated in work. The conclusion of this study shows that managers in special housing for the elderly are very aware that health care is of great relevance to minimize and break the spread of infection. There is also a need to work more centrally and structured with the health-hygienic issue. Identified difficulties with the health-hygienic work since conditions such as knowledge, premises, attitudes, attitudes and finances sometimes fail.

  • Olsson, Michael
    Internationella Handelshögskolan, Högskolan i Jönköping.
    Studies of Commuting and Labour Market Integration2002Doctoral thesis, monograph (Other academic)
  • Levin, Charlotte
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Mariz Ljunggren, Jaqueline
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Effekter av fysisk aktivitet vid diabetes typ 2: En litteraturöversikt2017Independent thesis Basic level (university diploma), 5 credits / 7,5 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Introduction: Diabetes type 2 is a metabolic disease that has increased all over the world. Diabetes causes huge health problems that lead to premature death and disabilities. Physicalactivity is a factor that can improve diabetes complications and ameliorate the management of the symptoms related to diabetes. The aim of this literature review is to identify effects of physical activity in diabetes type 2 among adults.

    Methods: This study is a literature review where ten original articles were used to carry out this study and five themes were developed to explain the effects of physical activity in diabetes type 2.

    Results: Different types of training such as aerobic training, combined training, resistance training and also the effect of medicine showed that diabetes type 2 can be improved through physical activity.

    Discussion: Physical activity is important to fight the symptoms of diabetes type 2. Different types of training improve in various ways diabetes type 2. More researches are needed to contribute to clinical recommendations.

  • Bergfeldt, Ellinor
    University of Skövde, School of Informatics. ellinor.bergfeldt@gmail.com.
    Bikinirustning för män?: En studie av normöverskridande klädsel för manliga och kvinnliga spelkaraktärer2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Detta arbete fokuserar på de normer som förekommer gällande mäns och kvinnors klädsel i spel. Hur upplevs normöverskridande klädsel, och hur styr normer upplevelsen av klädseln baserad på karaktärens könstillhörighet? Resultaten av undersökningen visade att könsöverskridande klädsel upplevdes olika beroende på om den bars av en manlig eller kvinnlig karaktär. När den kvinnliga karaktären bar könsöverskridande klädsel identifierade de allra flesta att den var just könsöverskridande. Trots detta var det ingen som upplevde att klädslarna inte passade på kvinnan. När det däremot gällde de könsöverskridande klädslarna för den manliga karaktären var det få som ansåg att klädseln passade på mannen, den kunde även ses som humoristisk.

  • Sandgren, Jonas
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Engkvist, Frida
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Automationsförslag för inlastning av monterade kamaxlar2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    På Volvo Group Truck Operations anläggning i Skövde finns en avdelning där de tillverkar kamaxlar. I dagsläget upplevs hanteringen och logistiken kring de monterade kamaxlarna som ineffektiv och företaget anser att området behöver förbättras. Syftet och huvudmålet med projektet var att studera och analysera två alternativa koncept för inlastning av monterade kamaxlar till flöde 1 med hänsyn till logistik, driftkostnader och säkerhet. Vilket innebär att två automationsförslag skulle tas fram, utifrån ett ekonomiskt resurssnålt perspektiv med minimala mängder slöseri. Utöver detta skulle även ett förbättringsförslag av den interna logistiken tas fram.

    För att skapa förståelse för befintligt arbetssätt genomfördes en nulägesanalys, där de monterade kamaxlarnas flöde observerades. Datainsamlingen bestod av observationer i form av genchi genbutsu och samtal med operatörer i produktion. Nulägesanalysen ligger till grund för de metoder och verktyg som har valts vid fallstudiens genomförande. För att stödja dessa val har ett antal produktionstekniska områden och förbättringsverktyg studerats.

    Fallstudien bestod av frekvensstudier, tidsstudier, riskbedömningar, FMEA- och LCC-analyser samt en undersökning av TAK/OEE-värden. För att säkerställa att projektet höll sig till problembeskrivningen och uppsatta mål utgick projektet ifrån PDCA- och kaizenmetodiken.

    Konceptförslagen är framtagna utifrån resultatet av fallstudien och har kopplats mot den teoretiska referensramen. En helautomatisk lösning i form av en robotcell skulle minimera mängden manuellt arbete och reducera slöseri av rörelser och överarbete. Det är dock en dyr investering i förhållande till den besparing som kan åstadkommas. En semiautomatisk lösning medför att antalet buffertplatser kan reduceras vilket ger en besparing i form av minskad kapitalbindning och arbetskostnader. Anskaffningsvärdet och återbetalningstiden för en semiautomatisk lösning är betydligt mindre än för en helautomatisk. Projektet resulterade även i ett förbättringsförslag gällande den interna logistiken, där en AGT gör det möjligt att effektivisera och reducera mängden manuellt arbete.  

    Slutsatsen är att en semiautomatisk lösning är att föredra, grundinvesteringen är betydligt lägre och mer angelägen i relation till återbetalningstiden och företagets krav för detta. Dessutom förväntas ett sådant system ge lägre underhålls- och driftkostnader under utrustningens ekonomiska livslängd. I kombination med en AGT skulle en större besparing erhållas över tid.

  • Antonsson, Arvid
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Hermansson, Gustaf
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    System analysis, improvement and visualisation of a manufacturing workflow, using discrete-event simulation: A combination of discrete-event simulation and lean manufacturing2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This project has been initiated in cooperation with a Swedish manufacturing company. Due to increased demand and competition, the company wants to streamline its production process, increase the degree of automation and visualize specific workflows. By creating a frame of reference and a literature review, a theoretical basis for methods and concepts which has been utilized throughout the project has been obtained. With the help of the identified methods and methodologies, a current state analysis was performed. Using traditional Lean tools such as Genchi genbutsu, Ishikawa diagram and a 5-why analysis, in combination with time studies and interviews, the current state of the studied system was successfully mapped and analysed. With the help of the current state analysis, which served as a conceptual model, a simulation model of the current state was created in order to handle the large variety and the complexity of the system. The simulation model was validated and verified in order to ensure that it was “good enough” for the purpose of this project in the depiction of the real world system. During the experimental design, several improvement suggestions were created by utilizing methods such as brainstorming, Ishikawa diagram and a 5-why analysis. In a Kaizen event, onsite personnel had the opportunity to decide which suggestions that was fit for experimentation using simulation. With the result of the Kaizen event, experiments were performed in order to evaluate the proposed improvement suggestion. As a result, several new insights regarding improvements could be obtained, which provided several suggestions for an improved future state. Including a proposed automated cell. The analysis of the results did not entirely satisfy the aim of the project since certain factors could not be analysed, therefore the authors recommend that further studies are needed if proposed improvement suggestions are to be implemented.

  • Hall, Ingela
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Prevalens och uppföljning av latent tuberkulos bland migranter i Region Jönköpings Län2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Introduction: Tuberculosis is one of the world's most widespread infectious diseases. One third of the world’s population is expected to carry the bacterium without being ill (latent tuberculosis, LTBI). Nearly ten percent of the carriers develop active tuberculosis sometime during their lifetime. Europe has a comparatively low incidence of tuberculosis and in Sweden the number of cases of tuberculosis has decreased since the mid-40s. In Sweden, the increased number of immigrants in recent years is seen as an explanation for a temporarily increased prevalence of tuberculosis. Early diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis are key factors in preventing the spread of infection and giving the individual the opportunity to manage their health, which is important from a public health perspective. The county councils/regions have chosen different strategies for whom to be included in screening for tuberculosis in health surveys of immigrants.

    Aim: The aim of the study was to investigate the prevalence and follow-up of latent tuberculosis among immigrants who have undergone a health examination at health centers in the County of Jönköping.

    Method: The study was a retrospective observation study based on quantitative approach. Data was collected through journal review and 361 records were included in the analysis. The presence of latent and active tuberculosis was correlated with gender, age and country of origin.

    Results: The results of the study showed that the prevalence of LTBI in the study population was 9.4%. The results showed that LTBI was more common in men and individuals > 35 years. However, no differences were seen by country of origin.

    Conclusion: The study is of limited size and thus generalisability. LTBI is relatively common among immigrants. Further studies are needed to identify optimal routines for screening and preventive measures in the immigrant group.

  • Edman Wallér, Jon
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Vårdplatsbyten och Clostridium difficile-infektion: En fall-kontroll-studie2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Introduction: Clostridium difficile is a spore-forming bacterium; the spores are highly resilient and can survive for long periods of time in the hospital environment. Most Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) are hospital-acquired. Colonization of spores or vegetative bacteria in the large intestine is necessary for infection to occur; the risk of infection is modulated by the state of the intestinal microbiome and the host´s immune status. Patient-to-patient transmission within and between wards are commonplace in modern healthcare, exposing patients to more of the hospital environment where spores may exist. Aim: To determine whether changing room and/or ward is a risk factor for developing CDI when adjusted for other known risk factors. Method: A case-control study of all hospital-acquired CDI cases at Södra Älvsborg Hospital, Borås, Sweden, during two years: 2012 and 2015. Odds ratios were calculated using univariate logistic regression analysis followed by multivariate logistic regression analysis to evaluate statistically significant (p<0,05) variables identified by the univariate analysis. Results: Patient transfers were not more common in the case group when data was adjusted for other known risk factors. In the multivariate model, length of stay [A1] alone was the only statistically significant variable (OR per additional day of care: 1.07, 95 % confidence interval: 1.02-1.12). Conclusion: The study could not demonstrate patient transfers as an independent risk factor for CDI, though replicating the study on a larger patient sample might be valuable.

  • Eneslätt, Monica
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Stenlund, Mari
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Påverkar användandet av ett rondkort sjuksköterskornas upplevelse av delaktighet i patienternas antibiotika- och urinkateterbehandling: En interventionsstudie i Västerbotten2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Introduction: Healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance are public health

    problems. Indwelling catheters increase risk for urinary tract infections. There are

    connections among healthcare-associated infections, antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance.

    Nurses play a key role in infection control during hospital ward rounds. Aim: To investigate

    if a ward round checklist affects nursesʼ experiences of participation in patients’ antibiotica

    and indwelling catheter treatments. Method: An intervention study was conducted in two

    wards at Norrland University Hospital. The intervention was use of a checklist,

    RondkortVLL, that we developed for use by nurses at the ward round. The duration of the

    intervention was 1 month. The nurses answered a questionnaire about the use of antibiotica-

    and indwelling catheter before and after the intervention. Pre- and post-intervention

    responses were compared using the Mann Whitney-U test. Results: Significant

    improvements were found in 1) daily consideration of indwelling catheters and 2) the nurses

    feeling it was natural to conduct a dialogue with the physician about lower infection risk

    alternatives to indwelling catheters. While nurses tended to more often report the experience

    of participation in antibiotic treatment considerations post-intervention, this was not

    significant. Conclusion: Due to a small sample size and only two wards investigated it is

    difficult to generalize our results. However, our data indicate that RondkortVLL improved

    the nurses' experience of participation in patients' indwelling catheter treatments and may

    improve nursesʼ experiences of participation in a patient’s antibiotic treatment. Given these

    findings and the importance of infection prevention and control, we are pursuing greater

    clinical utilization of the RondkortVLL. We assert that RondkortVLL can be useful as a

    daily reminder, empower the nursesʼand raise awareness of their importance in all aspects

    of patient care.

  • Bander, Zerina
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Gac Allamand, Gabriel
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Vänskap och kultur: En kvalitativ  studie om immigranters upplevelse av deras ackulturationsprocess med fokus på etniska vänskapsrelationer2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The aim of this study is to obtain a deeper understanding for how immigrants who migrated from Chile and Bosnia and Herzegovina and are residing in Sweden, experience their acculturation process in relation to their friendship relations’ ethnical background. The research focuses on immigrants’ subjective experience of their own acculturation process which is then analyzed with social psychological theories including Social exchange theory, Acculturation and Symbolic interactionism, together with concepts belonging to these theories. Through semi structured interviews, a result emerged which shows that the experienced acculturation has an influence on whom one chooses to establish a friendship relation with. The result shows that immigrants whos acculturation indicates towards integration in the host country tend to develop friendship ties with people of the ethnical majority population. Acculturation made clear in a feeling of separation and marginalization results in that the immigrant solely turns to friends belonging of the own ethnical country of birth. Furthermore, the result shows that language is the most contributory factor for integration, followed by work and schooling in the host country as other important contributory factors.

  • Nyberg, Elin
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Att fortsätta blomstra: Hur yrkeslärare inom hantverksprogrammet florist ser på kompetensutveckling2019Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The purpose of this qualitative study is to analyze professional development for vocational teachers who work on the craft program. These vocational teachers only work with the orientation of florist. This study shows how the respondents think about their professional development and how they act to their own development as a florist when they now work as a vocational teacher. The study contains five respondents who work or have worked in different florist educations across Sweden. They have taken part individually in this qualitative interview study where the questions have been about how they see their own professional development within florist. The study shows that the respondents have a strong occupational identity and that many of them have frequent contact with the industry in one way or another. Also, the importance of having colleagues at their workplaces is considered valuable. Several of the respondents express that they have a great commitment to their vocational teaching assignment and are passionate about their former profession in the florist industry

  • Kolbeinsson, Ari
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science. University of Skövde, The Virtual Systems Research Centre.
    Situating interruptions in manufacturing assembly2019Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Interruptions have been studied extensively, with interruptions experiments where tasks performed on computers are interrupted by another task received on the same computer having receiving much of the focus. Additionally, many of the tasks used in existing research have been designed specifically to test the effect of interruptions on humans by making both the interrupting task and the task being interrupted quite difficult. The studies introduced here show that these commonly used tasks do not accurately represent some aspects of the manual tasks commonly performed by humans outside of laboratory experiments, with the experiments in this thesis focusing on manual tasks in assembly. A notable difference identified here is that interruptions in manual assembly tasks were seen to always contain a negotiation element, meaning that the person being interrupted could always modify to some extent when to respond to interruptions. Another central finding is that breakpoints for smart interruption systems need to be chosen using even more care than suggested by existing research because of an effect that can cause a notification to be completely missed when sent at a point that seemed opportune. This is due to apparent lulls in the activity containing preparation for the next action, or anticipation of action, using the Activity Theory (AT) terms used in the analysis of this effect. AT was identified as a useful tool for the analysis of manual assembly as it supports a hierarchical analysis of the activity and takes into account operator skill (task familiarity) in an easy to understand manner.AT was further used in an observational study where current approaches to interruption management were observed and explored. A surprising conclusion was that classical interruptions, as commonly defined, where one task is interrupted and another task must be completed before resuming the main (primary) task were exceedingly uncommon. This was found to be due to the high task familiarity (skill level) of the workers, the assembly activities being designed to minimise the risk of interruptions, and workers being trained to always finish the current operation before switching to another task. Workers did however engage in conversation and an interesting style of communication, dubbed ebb-and-flow style of negotiation, was identified. The differences between the results found in literature and the results of the studies were synthesised into a theoretical framework, or a collection of theories that work together to support the analysis of interruptions, and a visual support tool for the theoretical framework was created. This visual support tool, called an activity board both binds together the theories in a way that should make the theoretical framework easier to understand, and provides the beginnings of an analysis tool for interruption using the framework.

  • Werner, Elin
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Materialanalys & optimering av hydrauliska högtryckskopplingar med hjälp av simuleringar2018Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Optimizing the burst pressure with finite element analysis is done on the FEM ½” coupling at Parker Hannifin AB. The critical components which is the ball cage, guide and plug housing are in focus. A more accurate material analysis is done to make a more real-based data of the material in the coupling.  

    After being in contact with the company that performs the hardening of the component, the entire plug housing is assumed to be hardened. For more information about material data, static pressure test is performed on a coupling. The measured strains from the tests are compared to the strains in the simulations. The tensile strength and hardness coefficient on the guide and ball cage can be adjusted slightly from the tests, but the result has several uncertainties. 

    The number of balls can be reduced, numbers of balls between 15 and 12 are investigated at request from the company. Analysis of how hardening of the material for the guide is done and hardening of the surface for the plug housing. 

    The smallest deformation occurs when hardening the guide. The ball cage clearly demonstrated minor deformations and stresses as the number of balls is reduced from 15 to 12 balls in the coupling. To reduce the burst pressure on the plug housing, it is recommended to harden the surface with a 27 % harder surface than the current. Due to estimated values of material data on hardened surface, more information is needed to determine the thickness needed on the surface of the hardening when having 12 balls in the coupling. 

  • Nilsson, Fredrik
    et al.
    Lund University.
    Karlsson, Krister
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science. University of Skövde, The Virtual Systems Research Centre.
    Aryasetiawan, Ferdi
    Lund University.
    Dynamically screened Coulomb interaction in the parent compounds of hole-doped cuprates: Trends and exceptions2019In: Physical Review B. Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, ISSN 1098-0121, E-ISSN 1550-235X, Vol. 99, no 7, p. 1-9, article id 075135Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Although cuprate high-temperature superconductors were discovered already in 1986 the origin of the pairing mechanism remains elusive. While the doped compounds are superconducting with high transition temperatures T-c, the undoped compounds are insulating due to the strong effective Coulomb interaction between the Cu 3d holes. We investigate the dependence of the maximum superconducting transition temperature T-cmax on the on-site effective Coulomb interaction U using the constrained random-phase approximation. We focus on the commonly used one-band model of the cuprates, including only the antibonding combination of the Cu d(x2-y2) and O p(x) and p(y) orbitals and find a screening-dependent trend between the static value of U and T-cmax for the parent compounds of a large number of hole-doped cuprates. Our results suggest that superconductivity may be favored by a large on-site Coulomb repulsion. We analyze both the trend in the static value of U and its frequency dependence in detail and, by comparing our results to other works, speculate on the mechanisms behind the trend.

  • Svantesson, Fredrik
    et al.
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Grönborg, Jimmy
    University of Skövde, School of Engineering Science.
    Analysera miljöpåverkan ur ett processperspektiv med DES och LCA2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Volvo Powertrain in Skövde manufactures engines and engine components for the Volvo Group's global factories. The foundry is one of the production facilities in Skövde and is the largest foundry in Northern Europe. Over 100 000 castings are produced every year in the form of cylinder blocks, cylinder heads and flywheels. In the foundry and especially the smelter, environmental impacts are becoming significant due to its large energy demand. In the long term, the foundry needs to improve production processes from to minimize its environmental impact. The purpose of the thesis work is to identify focus areas and parameters that contribute to potential environmental impacts with the combination of DES and LCA. An analysing methodology was developed based on a process-oriented perspective. Based on relevant methods, theoretical reference framework and literature study, the project was developed. The thesis work continued by building a conceptual model for data collection. Based on the conceptual model and collected data, the simulation model is developed on an integrated Excel file for easy interface of the input data. The main purpose of the simulation model is to estimate the environmental impacts in terms of global warming, acidification and eutrophication. Two data processes are performed in the simulation model. Firstly, the input data from the conceptual model is compiled into a quantified inventory analysis. Secondly, the quantified inventory results are further categorized into potential environmental impacts, thereafter the results of the assessed environmental impacts are compiled and export to Excel file. The analysis results are presented over identified parameters with regards to the defined functional unit. The results indicate that the usage of coke is the major contributor to potential environmental impact. Therefore, efforts and further analyses should be focus on the usage of coke and identifying alternative solutions. In addition to the environmental impact assessment, a comparative analysis was conducted on a historical and alternative production scenario.  The analysis shows that the alternative production scenario utilizes 28% less electricity compared to the historical scenario.

  • Tholander Hasselrot, Maria
    University of Skövde, School of Health and Education.
    Olika yrkeskategoriers följsamhet till basala hygienrutiner inom djursjukvården: En enkätstudie2019Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year)), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Introduction: Infection control in animal health care is, as in human health care, most important to prevent and fight antibiotic resistance. Animal health can also influence public health. Basic hygiene routines; hand hygiene, routines for proper attire, and routines for personal protective equipment (PPE), such as protective aprons and gloves, represent the simplest and most important infection control and prevention measures. High compliance to these routines is important to achieve. However, due to few scientific publications in the animal health care arena, customized and efficient efforts have not been fully identified for this environment. Therefore, optimal oversight and compliance assessments are difficult to achieve. Similar to human health care, several infection control and prevention measures and responsibilities are addressed by nurses.

    Objectives: To study compliance to basic hygiene routines and assess whether compliance differs between different animal health care professions, such as nurses versus veterinarians.

    Method: A quantitative web-based survey about basic hygiene routines, was used to investigate compliance to basic hygiene routines among animal healthcare providers. The eligible respondent sample was comprised of 360-2600 providers. Difference in compliance among professions within animal health care was estimated using SPSS statistical analysis software.

    Results: Of a possible 360-2600 possible respondents, 313 animal healthcare providers responded to our web-based survey. Significant differences in compliance among professions were not found (between veterinarians and veterinary nurses with a degree, and veterinarians versus nurses without a degree). Higher compliance was observed at larger animal hospitals and among personnel educated at their work place in basic hygiene routines. Hand disinfectant use before contact with patients was most often missed, as well as not wearing a protective apron or coat if risk for contact with body fluids was evident.

    Conclusion: In contrast to previous practical experience and reports, our results showed no significant difference in compliance between animal healthcare veterinarians and nurses. Given our null findings, more studies are needed to identify hidden factors influencing compliance among animal health care workers, as well as attention to representative sampling. Even so, based on our results, potential interventions include enhanced work-based education programs on infection control and prevention, with attention to smaller (small to medium sized) animal health care clinics. Focus for such interventions should also address hand disinfection before contact with patients. In addition, more effective monitoring is required.

  • Spak, Alexander
    University of Skövde, School of Bioscience.
    Sambandet mellan rastande sjöfåglar och undervattensvegetation i Hornborgasjön2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Lake Hornborga is a shallow and nutrient-rich floodplain lake and is one of Sweden's most important stopover points for waterfowl. Every spring and autumn large quantities of migrating ducks and swans gather. Stoneworts (Chara spp) is the dominant underwater plant in the lake,but there are also spiked water-milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) and various types of pondweed (Potamogeton spp) as common. The purpose of this study was to find out whether there is any relationship between the migrating waterfowl and the underwater vegetation found in Lake Hornborga. The results are derived from data from bird counts and inventories of underwatervegetation carried out between the years 1993-2015. Even waterfowl associated with abiotic factors such as water levels and precipitation was of interest to investigate. Previous studies have shown that water levels play a role in the availability of seabirds on food in lakes and wetlands. Higher levels of water for long periods make the feed probably less accessible to some bird species but benefit others. In the long run, this may also affect the amount and extent of underwater plants. Since water levels seem to play a role in the availability of food for some bird species, it was interesting to investigate whether the amount of precipitation during periods also has an effect on the amount of available food. Eight species of waterfowl that to some extent graze submerged vegetation and six vegetation types were included in the study. The results indicate that there is a significant correlation between the number of migrating waterfowl and underwater vegetation especially with stoneworts and pondweed. Mute Swan (Cygnusolor), tufted duck (Aythya fuligula), pochard (Aythya ferina), Gadwall (Anas strepera), and the coot (Fulica atra) were the species that showed the strongest relationship with the total percentage of underwater vegetation. No significant correlation between waterfowl and waterlevel or precipitation was found.

  • Iqbali, Ali
    University of Skövde, School of Informatics.
    Business Intelligence inom sport: Hur används business intelligence/performanceanalysis inom fotboll och hur tillämpas det inom elitfotbollen i Göteborgsregionen?2019Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Performance analysis är ett väldigt diskuterat ämne, den kan användas i samband med alla sporter och användningen utav det har blivit mycket populär den senaste tiden.Fotbollsorganisationer runt om i världen använder sig av det i samband med träningar och matcher för att utveckla sina spelare men även laget i helhet. Syftet med denna studie är att undersöka hur elit-fotbollslagen i Göteborgsregionen använder sig av performance analysis i kombination med träningar och matcher.Frågeställningen som denna undersökning har som syfte att besvara är:Fråga 1.”Hur används business intelligence/performance analysis inom fotboll och hur tillämpas det inom elitfotbollen i Göteborgsregionen? ”För att besvara frågeställningen tillämpas två olika datainsamlingsmetoder, en systematisk litteraturstudie och kvalitativa intervjuer. Detta för att få information från litteraturen om hur dessa två parter har kombinerats samt vilka fördelar och utmaningar som skapades vid kombinationen. Men även få en inblick om vad personer med kunskap om två parter tycker om en kombination, vad de tycker en kombination kan bidra till men också vilka utmaningar som kan förekomma med kombinationen.Undersökningen visar tydligt att det finns fördelar med att kombinera business intelligence/ performance analysis och fotboll. De fördelar som diskuteras kontinuerligt är bättre utveckling för fotbollsspelarna, möjligheten om att mäta spelarprestationen,bättre underlag för beslutsfattning. Det fanns fotbollslag som hade svårt med att införa nya system på grund av olika skäl som inte kunde mäta spelarprestationen. Att kombinera performance analysis och fotboll förstärker laget i helhet för att laget har tillräckligt med information när det handlar om spelarna och deras förutsättningar. Det bidrar till att fotbollslag kan träna upp spelare och utveckla spelare själva istället för att lägga miljonbelopp på andra spelare.